Sunday, November 7, 2010

What did you do with your extra hour today?

I have heard some grumbling today about daylight savings time coming to an end.  Personally I am happier than  heck to have that lost hour back!  I was still up at the same time this morning and feel that even though my sewing machine took a nosedive, I still got a lot accomplished :)

At first I was bummed about my machine not being in working order today... and then I realized that it's the perfect opportunity to push forward financially and pick up the Necci machine that I have had on layaway for the last few months!  I have plans to pick it up tomorrow during lunch and by tomorrow night I will be back on track.   I can't wait to use this baby...  It sews through TEN layers of denim!! 

At least this downtime gave me a day to do some stuff on the back end, answer a few e-mails, plan some blog posts, cut quite a few totebags, do some of the hand sewing on the bags and take inventory of where I am and where I need to be for my upcoming show. 

I know my local gals have heard of Bequet Confections and know just how incredible their caramels are.  I decided that I want to share their yummy goodness with everyone that places an order.  Just another little slice of Montana ya know.   I purchased an assortment so you will never know which ones will come with your purse or totebag order, but you can see all the flavors here .  Every order will be getting 3-4 of these yummy candies with your bag.  I hope you all like them as well as I do :)


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