Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Etsy love...

I just can't get enough of Etsy...  I love finding new and unique treasures around every corner and most of all I love to pamper myself which leads me to my next incredible shop find :)  This shop is founded by an 18 year old college student, Caitlin.  This girl has it all going on!  She features some scrumptious looking cold processed vegan bath bars, dust salt soaks, linen sprays and milk bath powders.  I find it amazing that she does this, keeps up with school and attends local shows with her wares.  I certainly wasn't that organized at 18!

Her shop is appropriately named ReviveYourBath and this is my fave item in her shop right now :)

Be sure to stop by her shop and give her some Etsy love :)


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