Monday, August 23, 2010

Super EXCITED!!!!

I just got word this morning that Capelli's Salon here in Bozeman will be carrying my purses on consignment!!  It was so hard to contain myself when I got the phone call :)  I also have a meet with the clothing buyer at Murdochs Ranch Store scheduled for later this week for a possible wholesale deal.  I can't believe this is happening so fast!

Spent the better part of yesterday sewing new tote bags with some great new fabrics that I had picked up at some local quilt shops last week.  They are a little different (a bit more wild) than my normal paisley design, but I do love how the bags are turning out.

I have a good handle on my Etsy store policies and appearance, now I just need to get some purses listed.  I don't want to do that until after the open house on Friday night though because I don't want to have to take anything down that may sell at the open house.  So hoping that SOON I can list some items!

Happy Monday!


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Within hours of posting a link from my blog to facebook last night I was getting an order for two purses!  And I don't even have my Etsy shop set up yet!!  Gotta love how the web reaches so far :)

So today I should be sewing, but I am on the laptop making final proof changes to my new Etsy header, setting up my shop policies and figuring out shipping prices and policies.  I am excited to finally launch Eclectique Butterfly, but first I want to touch a little on me and why I am doing this for all of you that don't know me all that well yet, or know this part of me...

I have always been the "crafty one".  My mom swears she doesn't know where I get if from, but secretly I know I take after my dad, we just express our craftiness in different ways.  Some things I do get from her, as she is the one that sat me down at a sewing machine when I was just a little girl (although we fought like crazy about it then!)  The rest of this comes from my desire to recycle.  If something is still usable, I can't stand to throw it away.  It makes me crazy to think of all the stuff that ends up in land fills that could have been re-used or recycled.   I feel responsibility to make sure our planet is still "green" for our future generations.  I feel such great pride that I am doing all that I can to help our planet and keep my "footprint" as small as possible.

So when I decided that I wanted to launch a home based business, I felt that it should reflect my inner cores, such as my craftiness and my desire to recylce.  I challenged myself to think of a home based business that I could incorporate and blend these two ideals.  I came up with several that sounded appealing, but none of them seemed to blend these two pieces of me "just perfectly" if you know what I mean.  Eventually the lightbulb moment came from a store bought gift that my husband got me over three years ago.  It was a purse made to look like a pair of jeans complete with a belt and cute handle.  I got compliments on that purse everywhere I went and invariably someone would ask if I had made the purse.  I thought to myself, why not see if you can take a pair of old jeans and recycle them into a purse like Roy had gotten me.  That first one was tough I tell you!  It was hard to cut the flare down in the hip part of the jean and make the shape look right.  And sewing in the bottom of the purse?  Whew, that was a bear, but thankfully I can say that has gotten a whole lot easier with practice.  The end result was a super cute purse with a lot of character that came from the jeans and belt themselves. 

The next thought of course was, what do I do with the rest of the material left over from making a purse from the "booty" part of the jean.  Being a good recycler, you always use whatever you can, and that is how my totebags were born...

I used the leg part of the jean to make the tote bag.  The seam you see at the top of the bag is actually the cuff of the jean.  Like the "booty bags" they are completely lined and have a double pocket on the inside for your keys and cell phone as well as the pocket on the front of the bag.  They are roomy enough to throw a book, bottle of water and your lunch it it as you head out the door to work.  I have one gal that uses hers daily as her purse.  It warms my heart to think that my efforts to recycle and re-use are making an impact in other's lives, whether it be a more consious awareness about recycling or because the cute, funky creation is a fashion statement for them :)

Enough for now...  hopefully my next post will launch my new store!


Friday, August 20, 2010


Things have been insane around here! So far I have done two farmer's markets with some sucess. I think each one of them taught me something different. I do feel that it is important to learn and grow from your experiences and I am grateful to have those "inital" lessons under my belt so to speak.

I had a little hitch in my well thought out and organized life when I came down with a flu bug last weekend, but as of last night I am getting back on track with my timeline for our open house next week! If you haven't seen this on facebook yet, well then get all those pertinent, oh so needed details here :)

What:   What Women Want (and of course need!) Open House

When:   Friday August 27th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where: 158 N Pheasant Dr in Hyalite Foothills Bozeman
Who:    Elizabeth Wickland with Mary Kay,
             Kristin Horgan with Norwex,
             Jessica Sumner with Mia Bella Candles
             and Your Own Personal Scrapbooker
             and myself with Eclectique Butterfly

What: Products, demos, food, drinks, prize drawings and fun!

This all started when some of us got together and said, let's have an open house. It has really become about helping other women promote our home based businesses. I have to say everyone I talk to about this event is excited about it. They can't wait to see what we have to offer and are hopping up and down about the chance to win some of our cool prizes! Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions and I hope to see you there!

And finally.... I know that you all have been dying to see what I have been doing at my sewing machine for the last month or so.....

The front view of my new upcycled handbags

The back view of the handbag

The inside liner

What you can't see from these pictures is that the bag has a nice flat bottom on it made out of heavy chipboard covered in denim and pieced into the bag. I have added purse feet to the bottoms as well for extra protection from scuffing and wear. It also adds a lot of stability to the bag. Each purse has a magnetic clasp and has a double pocket in the inside liner (look carefully at the bottom of the last picture to see it). All the pockets on the outsides are still fully functional and the only problem you will have is finding your keys or cell phone if you are like me and forget which pocket you put them in! They are really roomy, I can get my wallet, checkbook, sunglasses and at least a dozen other important things thrown into my purse and still have a little room. Everything is very nicely color coordinated and they are all "one of a kind" bags. You will NEVER run across someone else with a purse exactly like yours again :)  I will be setting up my Etsy shop in the next few days so look for the link here when I am all done.

Okay that's enough for now, so much to do and so little time. But do drop me a line and let me know what you think of my new venture. I would love to hear from you all :)


P.S. Thanks so much to my gal Jenn C who took my photos for me!

Friday, August 6, 2010


My purse party on Tuesday night went fantastically smooth :)  I had a great time with Stephs friends, enjoyed some yummy food and mimosa's all while chatting it up and selling some purses.  I thought it went great for my first party.  I had a few giveaways, a gift certificate, a totebag and a Mia Bella candle courtesy of my gal Jessica :)  I felt I had a great response to the purses and it really encouraged me about selling at the farmer's market as well.  Life just couldn't be any better than that for a self made business woman! 

Roy dropped of my sewing machine to be serviced yesterday and it's already done so I need to pick it up this afternoon and whip out a few checkbook covers and maybe zip up another tote bag or two.  I really want to keep my designs limited to these three basic designs, the booty bag, the tote bag and checkbook covers.  They are all different price points and three great products to suit anyone's needs. 

I am headed to the farmer's market tomorrow and I am hoping the weather holds.  According to we are in for some thunder storms with chance of large hail...  Yikes!  We have enough hail damage after the last storm at the end of June, I really would not like to see any more golf ball sized hail for quite a while.  After the farmer's market, who knows what I will end up doing. I am definately going to try and get some "me" time as well as some couples time with Roy this weekend before I head into the next big push for purses and of course my regular day job.  Plus my friend Lisa is up at the lake and I want to get over to see her for a hike.

So what about everyone else?  What are your plans?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Is it really August already??

I am pretty sure I don't remember much about July, I think it came and went without me really noticing it at all...  Other than the weather finally warmed up :)

Tomorrow night is my first purse party for Eclectique Butterfly!  I am so stinking excited, I just can't wait to see everyone, drink some mimosas, eat some yummy food and have some fun.  I will be giving away a tote bag, a checkbook cover and a gift certificate for $20 off one of my unique handbags.  I am so grateful that Steph offer her house for my party and I hope to book some more parties after this one.

Happy Monday everyone!!