Friday, August 6, 2010


My purse party on Tuesday night went fantastically smooth :)  I had a great time with Stephs friends, enjoyed some yummy food and mimosa's all while chatting it up and selling some purses.  I thought it went great for my first party.  I had a few giveaways, a gift certificate, a totebag and a Mia Bella candle courtesy of my gal Jessica :)  I felt I had a great response to the purses and it really encouraged me about selling at the farmer's market as well.  Life just couldn't be any better than that for a self made business woman! 

Roy dropped of my sewing machine to be serviced yesterday and it's already done so I need to pick it up this afternoon and whip out a few checkbook covers and maybe zip up another tote bag or two.  I really want to keep my designs limited to these three basic designs, the booty bag, the tote bag and checkbook covers.  They are all different price points and three great products to suit anyone's needs. 

I am headed to the farmer's market tomorrow and I am hoping the weather holds.  According to we are in for some thunder storms with chance of large hail...  Yikes!  We have enough hail damage after the last storm at the end of June, I really would not like to see any more golf ball sized hail for quite a while.  After the farmer's market, who knows what I will end up doing. I am definately going to try and get some "me" time as well as some couples time with Roy this weekend before I head into the next big push for purses and of course my regular day job.  Plus my friend Lisa is up at the lake and I want to get over to see her for a hike.

So what about everyone else?  What are your plans?

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  1. I'd love to see some photos of all your hard work...we so need to chat!!