Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open House...

So I just spent the afternoon with Elizabeth and Jessica preparing invitations to our upcoming open house, What Women Want.  This is something that we have talked about various times over the past year and just could never make it happen, well I am excited to say that it is FINALLY HAPPENING!!!  This is going to be an incredible open house featuring products from our home based businesses.  These are all products that of course every woman wants, from makeup and fragrance, to purses, candles, organic cleaning supplies and personal scrapbooks for every milestone in life.  Elizabeth will be there with Mary Kay, Kristin with Norwex, Jessica with Mia Bella Candles and Your Own Personal Scrapbooker and myself with Eclectique Butterfly.

We will be giving away some incredible prizes, having some amazing food and spending the night having a blast with friends and family.  So if you are a local gal pencil this date, Friday August 27th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on your calendar to come join us.  I will be hosting this event at my home, so give me a shout or e-mail me if you need directions.

I love each of these women dearly and I just can't wait for this open house.  They each have great home business and are amazing business women.  I admire their business sense and value what they have to offer women because of their businesses.  I had coffee with Elizabeth the other morning as we had a planning session for our open house and she said something very profound to me.  She loves her business because she loves to serve other women.  That sentence just really struck me and really make me aspire to be more like her in that business aspect.  I want to fill that need for women that want to have a cute, funky and original purse that gets compliments wherever they go.

I will keep you all posted on more of the details as we get closer to the open house and don't forget to mark August 27th on your calendars!!  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

crazy busy....

Why is it that summer seems to fly by?  Here in Montana we wait so long for summer to get here and when it does, it just seems that it's gone before you blink.  I can't believe that summer is half over basically and I don't even have a tan yet! 

Well of course I don't have a tan because I have sitting at my sewing machine for the last several weeks.  I have been busy creating with something other than paper and ribbon :)  Most of you know my that scrapbooking has been my love affair for quite a long time, several years in fact.  From having my own store to having the online kit club Sweet Pea Scraps, I have been involved in the scrapping community for over 15 years in one way or another.  It's not that scrapping isn't important to me anymore, I am sure I will pick it up again as soon as Brad and Sara provide me with a grandchild, but for now I am having a lot of fun playing with different mediums over the past year.  And I found one.....

I have been making the cutest purses made from recylced jeans.  I take the "booty" part of the jean and re-work it a little, add a lining with pockets along with a handle and belt and viola!  A new use for those old jeans is born.  I so wish that I had a picture to post now, but alas my camera is broken.  I am hoping to have a friend help me out in that department this weekend though so I can show you all what they look like.

My dear friend Steph has given me a wonderful idea for a selling platform.  She offered to have a purse party for me and hence Eclectique Butterfly was born.  She is having my first purse party for me next week and I am SOOOO excited!  I can't wait to see how my first party goes...  Wish me luck ladies!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Discovering, creating and more...

Does one ever truly find oneself? I believe that after 43 years of soul searching I finally have. I hope that you will join me on this journey as I discover more about myself and who I am as a creator, designer, artist, a photographer, a wife, a mother, a friend and more. I hope that through this wonderful blog I will emerge as a beautiful butterfly, touching my wings to the sky as I take flight on this crazy adventure called LIFE.

Over the past year I have woven a cocoon around me, protecting me, guarding me as I traveled through the year in a daze. I was truly wandering, no purpose or direction. To be blunt, it was the best and the worst year of my life. With the closure of Sweet Pea Scraps, I took a sabbatical from the internet, no e-mail, no blogging, nothing in my Etsy shops, I totally and completely turned my back on anything and everything related to the world wide web. This allowed me a great deal of time to internalize and analyze my life and it's purpose. Who am I, where am I and most importantly where the heck am I going? For the first time in my life, my health was failing me and I was struggling to come to terms with what that meant to me. I was feeling as if the world had turned against me and I was desparate to get my life figured out. In times of desparation, you often find out what you are truly made of. So I turned inward and started searching for what really, I mean really makes me tick. And what I found was this...

I am a creative person. Life is not the same for me if I am not creating something. I am an eclectic person. I enjoy funky styles, cool fabrics, bold colors, shabby chic and and anything vintage. I LOVE to create. It doesn't matter what it is, it could be a super cute purse from an old pair of jeans, a thank you card, a new recipie in the kitchen or arranging a boquet of flowers. I just love the process of creating, seeing the vision coming to life. Joy happens and my heart soars when I create. I love to putz around in the kitchen, I hardly ever follow a recipie as I sometimes feel following a recipie is too restrictive. It's so much funner to add a bit of this and a bit of that and see how it turns out. I love to read historical romance novels, and anything about vampires, polar opposite huh? I have loved butterflies since I was a little girl and I desperately want a butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder. I am still a work in progress. Random, yes I know, but that makes me eclectic.

And so Eclectique Butterfly is born... Exactly what is Eclectique Butterfly? Watch and see as I emerge from my chrysallis and create myself and share my life and creations with you.