Thursday, July 29, 2010

crazy busy....

Why is it that summer seems to fly by?  Here in Montana we wait so long for summer to get here and when it does, it just seems that it's gone before you blink.  I can't believe that summer is half over basically and I don't even have a tan yet! 

Well of course I don't have a tan because I have sitting at my sewing machine for the last several weeks.  I have been busy creating with something other than paper and ribbon :)  Most of you know my that scrapbooking has been my love affair for quite a long time, several years in fact.  From having my own store to having the online kit club Sweet Pea Scraps, I have been involved in the scrapping community for over 15 years in one way or another.  It's not that scrapping isn't important to me anymore, I am sure I will pick it up again as soon as Brad and Sara provide me with a grandchild, but for now I am having a lot of fun playing with different mediums over the past year.  And I found one.....

I have been making the cutest purses made from recylced jeans.  I take the "booty" part of the jean and re-work it a little, add a lining with pockets along with a handle and belt and viola!  A new use for those old jeans is born.  I so wish that I had a picture to post now, but alas my camera is broken.  I am hoping to have a friend help me out in that department this weekend though so I can show you all what they look like.

My dear friend Steph has given me a wonderful idea for a selling platform.  She offered to have a purse party for me and hence Eclectique Butterfly was born.  She is having my first purse party for me next week and I am SOOOO excited!  I can't wait to see how my first party goes...  Wish me luck ladies!

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