Monday, August 23, 2010

Super EXCITED!!!!

I just got word this morning that Capelli's Salon here in Bozeman will be carrying my purses on consignment!!  It was so hard to contain myself when I got the phone call :)  I also have a meet with the clothing buyer at Murdochs Ranch Store scheduled for later this week for a possible wholesale deal.  I can't believe this is happening so fast!

Spent the better part of yesterday sewing new tote bags with some great new fabrics that I had picked up at some local quilt shops last week.  They are a little different (a bit more wild) than my normal paisley design, but I do love how the bags are turning out.

I have a good handle on my Etsy store policies and appearance, now I just need to get some purses listed.  I don't want to do that until after the open house on Friday night though because I don't want to have to take anything down that may sell at the open house.  So hoping that SOON I can list some items!

Happy Monday!


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