Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am the winner!!

Okay, so I NEVER enter drawings, giveaways, so on and so forth...  Hence I NEVER win anything!  But for some reason I stumbled upon a blog by Jensine at Scarlet Ivy Soaps and she was running a giveaway for a bar of soap.  All I had to do was post what I was grateful for due to approaching Thanksgiving holiday, hit enter on my keyboard and easy peasy lemon squeezy I was entered in her drawing :) 

It was a nice surprise to come home last night to find an e-mail from Jensine letting me know I had won a bar of soap!  Now, I LOVE handmade soap...  They smell divine and they lather so nicely...  mmmm, just love it!  Since our economic downturn, I don't often indulge myself with handmade soap anymore, but I still peruse all the soap shops on etsy with great frequency!

I chose the Sweet Clementine bar for my prize... (top picture) but I have to admit, I was really considering the Sweet Grass bar as well... (bottom picture)

I will definately do a product review for you all after my bar arrives, in the meantime, be sure to stop by and check out her shop :)



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