Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I must be getting old...  I used to LOVE Halloween and all the festivities that led up to it, trips to the pumpkin patch, making apple cider, finding costumes for the kids, decorating the house and carving pumpkins... Even though the kids are all grown up, I would still do some of this stuff each year...  Oh well, there is always next year huh?

So I am a hunting widow today, trying to decide what to make the guys for dinner and when to drive to town and get MORE Halloween candy.  Yes that's right... more candy.  For some reason I believe that candy thieves came in the night and spirited away the stash I had for trick or treaters tonight.  Hmmm... I wonder who the culprits could be?

Been sewing a lot lately and hoping to get at least 6 to 7 bags completed today for the upcoming event on Thanksgiving weekend.  I have so many ideas swirling through my head that trying to decide what to do first is a little overwhelming!  Roy went out the other day and got me some great raw materials for my booth space.  It's going to be amazing with aspen trees, pickets fences, twinkling lights and lovely little butterflies.  It's going to be almost like a little woodland fairy land with my bags hanging everywhere!  I hope all you locals can stop by and see me that weekend. 

Enough for now, I need to get back to the sewing machine, but have fun this Halloween and be safe tonight with the kiddos :)


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