Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good intentions...

So I really did have intentions of getting my booty bags photographed and listed on Etsy.  Something otherwise known as "life" kinda got in the way...  Got up early, had that first cup of coffee with my favorite pumpkin spice creamer, then on to my "real" job.  I spent a couple of hours stuffing statements for Absaroka and remoting in on the computer for some work details, and that's when my well laid plans for the day went by the wayside. 

As I am working on the computer, Roy and the dogs jumped on the bed next to the computer desk and proceeding in causing such a distraction that I truly couldn't get anything done.  Finally when I could take the badgering no longer, I agreed to go for a hike with them.  I went mainly because this week the dogs have been driving me insane and I knew they needed a good exercise run.  Four hours later we are just coming back up the canyon and stop for lunch before heading home.  While driving home Brad calls...  "Whatcha doing?  Can Tasha come play?"  Beings that even though Tasha is of the canine variety, she is still the only grandpup I have and therefore cannot say no.  Of course the bonus is that I get to see the kids as well.  So Brad and Sara hang out all afternoon and then we see a commercial for Kentucky Fried and well now guess what?  Yep, we head to KFC for dinner! 

By the time I finally got home and downloaded the new pictures I had taken today of the totes AND the booty bags, I discover that I had really rushed the booty bag pictures and they didn't turn out very well.  Of course it's dark by this time and my window of opportunity is over for the day...  sigh...  Hence no booty bag pictures, no booty bag listings on etsy and sadly I have to work all day tomorrow and the light will again be gone by the time I get home...  Unless I can take some in the morning, but I am not promising anything!

Hope everyone has a good work week :)


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