Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Christmas Funnies :)

We headed out into the Gallatin National Forest on Saturday to pick out our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  It was quite comical as we got out of the car at Moser in Hyalite...  I said to my son, oh look we can head up that road, or use that trail...  Instead my strapping young man decides to head up...  Straight UP!  For the most part going up wasn't a problem until we got to an area that had not been blazed by someone else first...  So picture me stuck hip deep in snow, unable to move with two dogs floating near my face wondering if I am okay and licking my face out of love and concern I'm sure, and my son behind me pushing on my arse trying to get me unstuck!!  I died laughing hysterically after I was freed from the snow and we then continued tromping in another direction to find our tree :)

Now mind you, even after 6 years I can't get used to the Christmas trees available to us here in Montana.  Being a Pacific Northwest girl, I grew up with the most AMAZING trees to choose from.  For many years now that has been the one thing that I have refused to compromise on living here in Bozeman, until now.  You know that old cartoon, "due to the economic downturn Christmas has been cancelled"?  Well that's kinda what it's like at our house this year. 

Not one to be deterred, I decided that Christmas should just be different this year...  So we are doing white elephant gifts and making a game out of our gift giving.  We are having breakfast instead of dinner, we are playing poker on Christmas eve (only for pennies!) and watching Dr. Suess' "How the Grinch stole Christmas".   Now that the course has been set, I am starting to look forward to the festivities!!

Leaving you for the day with some Christmas funnies...  Enjoy!

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