Monday, December 6, 2010

Green Minded Fashionista :)

Okay so really what does this term mean?  This one was a little harder for the google queen to find, so I am putting my own definition out there.  Being a green minded fashionista means re-using or repurposing.  This is a powerful way to impact your environment. Using existing items cuts back on emissions from the transport of goods and reduces unnecessary waste. Shop at consignment or thrift stores or even your own closet.  Is there something in your closet you can spruce up by adding some retro buttons to it, or finding a gently used scarf at the thrift store that compliments that sweater perfectly?  What about taking and item and completely remaking it into something different?  If so then you just re-used or repurposed an item and voila, you are a green minded fashionista! 

I perused the internet to bring you some inspiration to help you on your way to becoming a green minded fashionista :)

this smart little vest is made from a pair of jeans...

ties anyone??

cozy little handwarmers with flair :)

belt from recycled bike tires....  Hmm, really inventive, but smelly!

 An absolutely gorgeous dress made from old shirts and dresses
 With this in mind, what have you done to become a green minded fashionista?



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