Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Green Things...

No I didn't loose my mind and I am not seeing little green things everywhere :)  Little Green Things happens to be the name of a local business owned by Leah Boelman.  She takes old vintage belts and attaches wonderful belt buckles to them.  Each belt buckle is unique and done with vintage pictures from old books and magazines.   Don't ya love the owl! 

She also has a few that have been painted with chalkboard paint so you can have your own message on the belt buckle :)

Her switchplate covers are amazing as well.  She had some at the show this past weekend with a Boy Scout theme, camping, fishing, birds and so much more.  All of her designs are one of a kind, original works.  She takes amazing pride in her work and she is a really neat person to chat with!  She definately helped me get through the craft show when things were a little slow.  Be sure to check out her shop and drop her a line.  As a matter of fact, I think she is running a sale right now!



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