Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Really have to get my behind in gear!

Things have been crazy here since I got home.  I was suffering from an extreme lack of sleep and other than work my "real" job and sleep I did nothing for about 4 days after getting home.  I finally got to my sewing machine on Sunday, and sadly did not get enough accomplished.  Same goes for this week on Monday and Tuesday, I am getting nothing done!  Well I am getting a lot done, just not what I want to get done :) 

My darling hubby, Roy is now finally among the ranks of the employed!  He started work yesterday for the Hail King and will be learning how to remove hail dents from vehicles.  This is a dream job for him, other than the fact that he will be traveling quite a bit, however the money will be worth it.

So obviously I didn't launch my Etsy site on Sunday.  I feel so bad that I put that date out there and then with my trip was unable to deliver...  Forgive me?  So now I am not going to give a date and surprise you all when it happens.  Which hopefully will be very, very soon if I can get life in general to comply with my schedule!

Have a great Wednesday!


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