Sunday, September 12, 2010

Has it really been 25 years???

Wow, this is so surreal being home in Adna for my 25 year class reunion!  I was just home a year ago, but it really seems like things have changed since I was here last, or maybe I am just seeing them through new eyes as I remember what things were like 25 years ago :) 

We had a smaller turnout than I would have like for the renuion, I missed Peggy, Becky and Becky, Tammy, Chad, Tom, Marcie, Tryna and so many more.  But I did get to see several people that I hadn't seen in years including my old sixth grade teacher, Bob Fay!  And it really was so good to catch up with the people that did make it. We all met before the game for the tailgate party and then stayed for the game (sadly Adna lost) and then over to McMenamins for drinks and catching up.  I also ran into my cousin Dan, his wife Krista and my Aunt Gail as they were there for the Napavine team. Yes they rubbed it in a little after the game :)  I am meeting up with Jeanice and Nicole tonight for coffee and going to hang out with my gal Jules tomorrow and then she is taking me to the airport tomorrow night.

Jules and I went shopping yesterday and we were both carrying our purses and at two shops we got some exhuberant compliments on them so I was quick to hand out my business card!  My meet with Laura at Murdochs went well.  I need to get back to her next week with some more samples as sadly by the time I had seen her I only had THREE purses left from my initial sewing spree!  Good and bad as the ones I had were not the best representation of my work.  So I will get her some new ones after I get back and then hopefully I will get the go ahead for the first six purses in the Bozeman test market.  If that goes well, then she will order for all five stores :)  Doing a little happy dance here!

I am still on board to launch my new etsy store on the 19th and I am getting super excited!   I just need to sew up a storm after I get back from Adna to have some product to load into the store.  I will have nothing but time on my hands though because as soon as I get back my guys are heading off to the backcountry for fall bear hunting.  Brad and Roy are heading out Wednesday morning and unless they get a bear right away, won't be back until Sunday.  They are a little concerned as there is fresh snow in the mountains now and I know they were hoping for warmer fall weather this early in the season, but mother nature obviously has other plans.

Off to town today to Jeremy's to pick up stuff for salsa making.  Planning on canning tomorrow morning and then having Mom and Dad bring it over next month when they come for hunting season.

And last but certainly not least I want to share something very near and dear to me.  It was soo good to see everyone last night, but one really stuck out for me.  I ran into Kim Stafford (couldn't tell you what her married name is) and she said that life is too short to not tell people what they mean to each other.  She went on to tell me that I had made a huge impact in her life in high school.  That if it wasn't for me convincing her to try out for cheerleading that she would have never tried out and continued to be a book worm.  She said that cheerleading was the best thing that happened to her, that it brought her out of her shell and gave her more confidence and she actually went on to cheer in college and ultimately sent her on her career path of teaching, something she enjoys immensely.  All of this because I encouraged her to try out for cheerleading...  WOW...  I was stunned, I barely even rememer those conversations with her but to know what an impact I made in her life is really humbling.  So, it just goes to show you, always be kind and encouraging because you never know how far your words are going to take that other person!

That's all for now, will probably post again once I am home!  Have a great weekend everyone :)


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